Our Lab

Creating todays lenses with their advanced features is a combination of art and science. Dedicated and experienced lab techs provide the "art"...advanced optical equipment and lab management software provide the "science".

Our goal is the satisfaction of your patient, so, to provide you with the greatest accuracy and best possible turn-a-round time, we continually invest in automated and robotic equipment that allows us to produce our premium quality products more efficiently.

The best equipment still needs dedicated and experienced techs and we have a deeply experienced crew. In fact, two of the techs in our finishing department have over 25 years each in the optical industry. The kind of experience that gets the job right - the first time.

Digital Line
We have in-house digital lens processing equipment in our lab. Having in-house processing of digital lenses allows us to serve your patients' needs with this exciting new product offering. You - and your patients - will be impressed with our Digital 3 and Digital 1 house brand digital lenses.

Though we still process many lenses using conventional equipment, we have added more digital equipment and continue to increase the percentage of our lenses that are processed digitally. If you have any questions about this technology, please contact sales or customer service.

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