Education & Training

At NEA we understand that continual training is the key to our success and yours as well. We offer in-office ABO training, advanced VSP training as well as advanced training through our manufacturer partners. We also have practice efficiency experts available to assist in managing and growing your business.

Our personnel receive regular training on new products and we are here to answer any question that arises during the course of your day. Our Resource Library is "always open" and provides an array of information on product sales, technical profiles and availability.

Remember: Knowledge is your best tool for excellence.

ECP University, brought to you by Essilor of America, is a powerful tool in the development of your eye care practice staff. The program includes education solutions for the growth and development of eye care practices through distance, in-person, and online training. Training is available for all staff roles and experience levels. Contact sales or customer service and find out how NEA can can assist you in obtaining this highly valuable training. Click here for the course site.
Free CE courses offered by Transitions. Contact Customer Service for your login codes. Click here for the course site. y


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